Published results

on the results of a survey on perception by vine-growers of climate change, impacts and adaptation options:
Battaglini A, Barbeau G, Bindi M, Badeck FW (2009) European winegrowers’ perceptions of climate change impact and options for adaptation. Regional Environmental Change 9(2): 61-73
online in 2008 see at journal home-page: Regional Environmental Change doi: 10.1007/s10113-008-0053-9
Supplementary material: results of a South African Survey

on climate change and impacts in German wine-growing regions:
Stock M, Badeck F, Gerstengarbe FW, Hoppmann D, Kartschall T, Österle H, Werner PC, Wodinski M (2007) Perspektiven der Klimaänderung bis 2050 für den Weinbau in Deutschland (Klima 2050) - Schlußbericht zum FDW-Vorhaben: Klima 2050
Summary Report No.106 and Complete Document (10.4 MB)

on acclimation of in-vitro propagated plants:
Fila G, Badeck FW, Meyer S, Cerovic Z, Ghashghaie J (2006) Relationships between leaf conductance to CO2 diffusion and photosynthesis in micropropagated grapevine plants, before and after ex vitro acclimatization. Journal of Experimental Botany 57: 2687-2695
doi: 10.1093/jxb/erl040
Rheingau vinyards,
Hochheim am Main
red and white grapes
on the same plant